An Apology on the Awkwardness

I was rereading the post I made last night (and editing some garish mistakes) when I noticed something that used to bug me at my old site. I said when I made this site that it was going to be more serious than the last one. And part of that was going to be better all around writing. Not a total polish but an effort to stay away from those awful transitions.

I noticed however on the last post that I started a new paragraph by commenting on the lead sentence of the prior paragraph. That is usually caused by insertion of material that occurs to me after I have left a paragraph.

I have never learned to navigate a computer editing screen. I can cut and paste and delete letters and stuff, but damn it, it is so slow! If you are writing longhand you simply scribble arrows pointing this sentence this way and that sentence that way, write a new clause in a bubble, an alternative wording in the margin. Even if you are typing old school you simply write it directly on the paper while it is still in the carriage, or you have a scratch pad next to you.

I would simply print it out and do it that way as I do with fiction. But my printer stopped talking to my computer a few months ago, and so I went on strike. Not from writing but from editing.

Screw the finicky things, what could they possibly have to fight about?


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