I had a decent amount of tax money coming back this year so I thought I would treat myself to something. I have been studying Catholicism on and off for the past year (?). I went through several different study bibles that were pretty bad, bought a catechism course, but didn’t really have anything comprehensive.

Enter Verbum software, which is basically an integrated software study suite. I only opted for the basic which still came in at nearly $300. The largest one comes in at a hefty $2,489.

I have only tinkered with it so far as I have been busy with another project all weekend, but what I have perused so far is pretty damn cool.

The base package comes with six different bibles, 2 interlinear bibles, 3 different bible commentaries including Haydock, and the four volume gospel commentary Catena Aurea, for a total of seven biblical commentaries, 22 reference books, 5 books from the patristic period including the 28 volume Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers first and second series and the 9 volume Ante-Nicene Fathers, 10 works of medieval theology, 29 books of modern theology, 2 books of modern scriptural studies, 12 works of church documents, 1 2-volume work of church history, a whole slew of works containing maps, photos and various media, 1 lectionary, 18 books under the heading of spirituality, 10 works on parallel passages and harmonies, 7 ancient language lexicons and grammar tools, and 4 sets of something they call data sets.

Or, you could have clicked the link above and seen for yourself.

So far it looks like a supreme learning tool. You can enter something in the search tool and come up with enough references and cross-references and this and that, that you could remain on the same topic for 12 weeks stopping only to get more cigarettes and coffee.

And if you ever manage to make a dent even in the basic beast, you can add to your library. Although I note with dismay that to get Aquinas’ Summa will require $240. I think I will try to see if there is a way to add web-books to the set.

The library is so extensive it takes over an hour for my computer to index it. That is because it is so massive my computer fan starts screaming after one minute of indexing.



3 thoughts on “Verbum

  1. Verbum looks like an interesting set of references, particularly the Patristic, but I am under the impression it is basically Protestant. So, beware of the commentaries and interpretations. Check the 29 titles in modern theology for the allegiance. I could probably help to identify faithful Catholics, but most others would be unknown to me except a very few famous Europeans from at least a generation ago.

    If you are interested in the Summa, it is available for free at New Advent (.org) and they advertise a CD at $20, including also the 1910 Catholic Encyclopedia (the editors chose the 1910 edition because the later encyclopedic works are not reliably Catholic). I use the Encyclopedia and the Summa on their website all the time when I am researching on theological questions and Church history. For more recent developments, I look up Church documents (Vatican II, encyclicals, Catechism) and Catholic authors.

    1. Thanks for the input. I actually did check it all out before hand, each and every author. At $300 I made sure I did my research. I particularly checked the modern theology (as I am suspicious of most things approaching current time). Most of the names I was already familiar with: Scott Hahn, Dave Armstrong, G.K. Chesterton, Peter Kreeft, Joseph Ratzinger. The ones I was not, I checked: a couple were priests, another was a popular writer within Catholic apologetics.

      I also paid special attention to the works listed under Spirituality (as that can get rather loose). That I was well pleased with. It even includes The Interior Castle by Teresa of Avila which I have always wanted to read because one of my favorite authors, R.A. Lafferty, based his book, Fourth Mansions, on her work.

      The integrated biblical commentaries are a real treat. The only downside is that I only have a 13 inch screen and it is hard to fit everything I want in it.

      I think you got the impression of Protestantism because Verbum is merely one product suite by the company Logos Bible Software. Most of their other products are Protestant or Orthodox. If you venture outside the Verbum product page, then yes, a lot of Logos products are Protestant. I also have to be careful of their free offers (which are quite frequent) as a lot of them are either Protestant or modern light-weight apologetics that I have neither the time nor the patience for.

      Not that I seek isolation, mind you. But until I can clearly distinguish one from the other at a glance, I stay away – otherwise I am merely confusing myself!

  2. They obviously have a through and through Catholic team for this series. You confirmed what I already knew, that you are very clear-sighted. Enjoy all of it, then.

    “Fourth Mansions,” what a nice title. Here is a little hint on the original meaning: the Fourth Mansions are the first spiritual night, the night of the senses, when the soul walks in pure faith without the comfort of perceptible graces often bestowed on beginners. It prepares the soul for the following stage, which is the mystic engagement and union of the will to Christ the Groom. The Third and Fourth Mansions are then the dwellings of most faithful Christians; the subsequent are the province of saints.

    If you like The Interior Castle, you might want to read the delightful biography of “Saint Teresa of Avila” (that’s the title) by Marcelle Auclair. Saint Teresa is particularly appealing to epic and fantasy fiction amateurs, as she was herself an amateur of romances of chivalry and wanted to write such novels when she was fourteen. And indeed, her Autobiography reads as a novel.

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