The wife and I decided to check out the Seattle Comicon this year; we had never been to one before. Man, those things are POPULAR. We got there about 20 minutes after it started on Saturday. We enjoyed about a half an hour before the place was swarmed and packed beyond capacity.

I found a comic centered on a pug. I have always had a great fondness for pugs and have one that owns my heart. The author knows his pugs, the book was hilarious. It took me some time to find an actual comic/graphic novel. I’m not that much into comics, but I like to find something once in a while that stands out. It has to look unique and have a standout plot. Norwescon is a lot easier, I have one seller I go to for my yearly Lafferty.

We got to see Serenity on the big screen on Friday night as it was sort a part of the whole Comicon weekend (although it was $25 a ticket for the movie). That was über-cool. It was preceded by a 45 minute Q&A with Alan Tudyk (Firefly fans know the name). He was highly entertaining. It is very enjoyable to be in a theater with mutual fans of a film who are all on the side of the hero(es), cheer at all the right times. It is like a marriage of fiction and home sports.


I wish I could say I’m going back next year, but the venue for the Con (Seattle Convention Center) is entirely too small. That and it costs an arm and a leg to spend a weekend in Seattle – those assholes have a tax on EVERYTHING you can imagine. And there is absolutely no place to walk a dog that is also not being pissed on by some tramp.


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