A Quick Rant Against THE MAN

After being begged for the last several years by every company I hold an account with to go paperless, I gave in and went paperless with all of them.

BIG FREAKING mistake. I thought I would save time and hassle. Don’t care about the paper saving (it does grow on trees, no, really, it does) and stamps aren’t too expensive… yet.

It is the worst hassle I have. I tried to pay my electric bill on Monday but, because of the way their billing works (or so my wife tells me) I had to accept posting it two days late because if you post after 1pm on the date that it is due you are F’d and have to wait 48 hours before it can post.

Well excuse me, but I don’t wake up till 2pm!

The cable company sent me a late notice because they had a different due date than the paperless copy that they sent me in addition to my e-bill. That would be two fails on their part. They also combined two different bills that had two different due dates and sums. That took a phone call to settle. You know how it is with the cable company, they are the only game in town so you can SUCK IT! I will weep for them not if they ever get clobbered by the government for some reason. “Please vote this November to stop the Prop 40 that calls for state takeover of your cable companies!” My response, “Hold please, your call is important to us and will be answered… SUCK IT!”

Finally I cannot count how many times in just the last two months that I have gone online to pay a bill and get the “Your request cannot be processed at this time. Try again later.” “Site down due to maintenance. Try again later.” I’ve got a damned bill to pay! Are you going to be understanding when my bill is continually late because your trashy website is always down? I will eat both of my legs if that ever happens. I will cut them off and roast them over a campfire just like Richard Pine in Stephen King’s Survivor Type.

Paper? You open the envelop, write the check, just check in return envelop, attach stamp, mail. 5 minutes tops a month. No fuss, no muss. This online pay adds some 40 minutes to my task. What horse crap.


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