Good Science Fiction Sites

Let’s first say that it ain’t the big sites. Unless you are interested in what is happening… right now… No! you missed it… right…wait…NOW! No! You missed it again. Myself I like the past stuff better than the current stuff. I have three current authors I read: John C. Wright and Vernor Vinge (Vinge certainly doesn’t write enough) and Gene Wolfe.

There is just too much great stuff to gamble on the present and reading the tastes of current authors at SF Signal gives me no indication I would enjoy their works. Perhaps that is not fair, but as a consumer I merely have to choose, I don’t have to be fair.

Anywho the first up is the site of author John C. Wright. He does a lot of other topics other than science fiction (and will have opinions that are bound to piss some people off, but that’s your problem) but the man knows his stuff. I can’t even begin to enumerate the authors he opened me up to over the last several years: David Lindsay’s Voyage to Arcturus, C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy to name but a few. I even got turned onto Lafferty because he mentioned the outlandishness of Past Master and I thought the title cool enough to look up. Hence a love affair commenced and the rest is history (between I and Lafferty, not I and Wright although I am to be counted as a fan of his works as well). Best to search his site by keywords; his subjects can vary wildly.

Next up is a site devoted almost exclusively to science fiction literature, particularly New Wave science fiction of the 60’s and 70’s, by a Mr. Joachim Boaz called Science Fiction and Suspect Ruminations. This is a great site. This guy digs up the most arcane, forgotten books and does pretty in-depth reviews of them. He has turned me onto some real gems. One such was Brian Aldiss’ Non-Stop (also known as Starship); one of the best constructed books I’ve ever read. Some of what he digs up I’ve never heard up, and sometimes the author I’ve never known about either.

The third site is a specialized site for fans of R.A. Lafferty called The Ants of God are Queer Fish (it is a Lafferty reference and unfortunately not one I fully get as I have never got my hands on the story referenced). But if a Lafferty story or novel leaves you scratching your head (and that will happen) Mr. Petersen should be able to help you out. This is for the initiated, if you have never read Lafferty then not much is going to make sense on the site. There is also a FaceBook page for Lafferty fans started by the same author of The Ants of God are Queer Fish. I myself don’t have a FaceBook account as I don’t want unwanted communications from ghosts of the past. But… there you go.

If all you’ve been exposed to as a science fiction is the latest Star Wars tie-in books or the latest whoever it is, give these sites a look – and spread your wings!



5 thoughts on “Good Science Fiction Sites

  1. I don’t read as much SF as I used to (more typically fantasy and crime fiction) but I would also add to your list Neal Stephenson and Dan Simmons.

    1. Simmons! Yes, I do read Simmons. Hmm, maybe I should put a clause in there about me shabby memory. There are a lot of singular stand alone authors I’ve read that I can’t bring to mind. I read a lot of Phillip K. Dick also, and I say that only because I know he’s not dead.

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