A Confession

I have never read H.P. Lovecraft. Not a word. Okay, I said it, it’s out.


4 responses to “A Confession

  • taichiwawa

    I just finished “The Alchemist,” a short story by Lovecraft and the only thing I’ve read by him so far. I was somewhat underwhelmed by it until I learned that he wrote it when he was 17 or 18 years old.

    Here’s a free, online resource of his works:


    • bensira587

      Kindle had a complete collection for under a buck, so I had already went with that. I don’t own an iPad and I find reading long text files tiring (unless it is editing!) on a regular computer screen. So I tend to avoid the freebies. Maybe it will be tolerable with the iPad.

      I am getting an iPad very soon and mainly for reading even though I own a Kindle. The Verbum application I bought a couple of months ago synchs with the iPad and comes with 200+ books. Not all of those I need the elaborate software for. So it will be convenient, for example, to read Augustine’s Confessions from the iPad or one of the volumes of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, or one of the volumes of the Lives of the Saints without having all the extra windows, search tools and tool bars in the way.

      As for Lovecraft, I have read three pieces of his (Dagon, The Outsider, and the Dunwich Horror) so far. He is interesting to read in very small doses. I can certainly tell what Stephen King was reading as a child!

      I can’t quite put my finger on him. It seems he was an inspirational author that couldn’t be bothered with planning or thinking out anything. Not that it is particularly sloppy, but that it has a minimalist immediacy to it. It is very direct and he glosses over description many times with “a horror indescribable” “a feeling inexplicable”.

      Also, to be honest, I haven’t had anything scare me in the horror department for a quarter century. Is that an adult thing? I don’t know. Is it the result of a world outlook? If you don’t believe in ghosts and monsters, it is hard to get scared by them.

      Recently I watched two movies that scared the hell out of me as a child, LET”S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH (1971) and DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK (1973). Meh, it was more comical than anything else. Only the AMYTIVILLE HORROR and PHANTASM I still find a bit creepy, but they will not keep me up a wink.

      I find that a little depressing. It used to be thrilling to get scared.

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