I am a Tech-Savy Doofus


That is my new iPad Air in it’s Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio.

It is a pretty damned cool set-up and will probably be the way I go in the future.

My photo doesn’t do it justice. The iPad’s bottom end is sitting in a magnetized tray that keeps it grounded to the keyboard and the top is clipped in to the Folio’s other side. When it is time to retire the keyboard for simple touch screen use you simply lift the iPad off the magnetized strip and drop it over the keyboard. Closing it for storage or travel is merely doing the same thing but facing the iPad face down. The entire size of the thing is way smaller than any notebook style laptop.

The keyboard takes a little getting used to. Tab and Caps Lock are shared with the letters Q and A. Your punctuation keys are a little on the small side as well. But anyone skilled at slamming out touch-typing would pick it up in less than a day.

The operation is pretty much the same as it would be for any computer except your finger becomes the mouse for scrolling, swiping, etc.

The only thing I haven’t tested it out on is an actual text editor. I would seem that that would be the most important test of all and one I should have conducted before I bought the damned thing. Well the problem with that is it doesn’t come with a text editor to try that on. And even if it did it would TextEdit and no one writes with that more than they have to.

I imagine when Scrivener releases their iPad version later this year, it will have all the editing functionality of any other editor.

But for now I will have to experiment. For instance, how do you select a block of text? I don’t know. I know I can’t do it from within the wordpress editor as it doesn’t seem to recognize the technology. For instance, if I select this word right here it won’t select that word but whatever is at the topmost of the screen when the pop-up menu pops us. In this case on my screen it is the letter t. Or just now I tried to place the cursor in front of the word screen on the line above, instead it goes up the beginning three paragraphs up. Accurate navigation is possible with the keyboard and there are shortcuts to text selection built into the keyboard.

I think the touch problem is wordpress thing.

I also just signed onto DropBox so all my stuff will be backed up. I don’t really care about most of it, just the writing. Can’t replace that.

Ps. I will fix all the errors in this post when I figure out how to navigate with greater ease!


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