Yet Another Lafferty Acquisition


Upon Centipede Press, or Amazon, delaying the second installment of R.A. Lafferty’s short story collection yet again (this is the 4th or 5th month in a row) I decided I may be dead before any percentage of his vast writings are republished. So I give you Sinbad! the 13th Voyage.

This is from a very  small publishing house very late in his career. He was relegated to the small, independent publishing houses when the New Wave tide subsided and people decided they no longer wanted to think and read at the same time. I don’t know when he wrote it but its publication date is 1989 which is after his first stroke and after he had mainly stopped writing. I didn’t see any diminishment in his EAST OF LAUGHTER that was published in 1987. Then again a publication date and a writing date don’t exactly coincide unless you are James Patterson. This could have been written in 1971 for all I know. 

I’ll have to do a little reading up before I tackle this one. I know nothing about Sindbad except there being a comedian by that name. I know, that is embarrassing, but I’m not a freaking encyclopedia. I personally know one, but I am not myself one!

My next one will be AURELIA from 1983. The starting price on that one is $70 so I will see how the week goes first. I can’t wait too long though, Neil Gaiman has mentioned him twice in the last two weeks and once in the NY Times so there may be some collector interest out there.



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