Another Lafferty Acquisition

And probably the last for awhile. 


I had to get this one because the cheapest price for a copy was $70 (now $45 because the person’s last two copies are not brand new as mine was, but they didn’t drop the price until after my order). If those copies came any more scarce, the price would go up dramatically. Basic Economics. I do want to get his historical fiction novel THE FALL OF ROME and several other volumes that are cheap and rather plentiful out there. But I think my book money is tapped for now. 

There is no write up for this book as it is not a book currently or even recently in print, but I do like the single reviewer’s short write up.

An allegory with a teenage girl as the Savior? Yes, but in Lafferty’s inimitable style, this battle between good and evil takes on more than Christian undertones. It reads like a myth from many cultures. OK, she arrives in a spaceship, but to call this science fiction is like squeezing an elephant’s foot into a baby’s shoe. Like many of Lafferty’s novels, this will reward a second reading. The man goes that deep, and that high. But who are these guys with horns on their heads?


I will not be attempting to acquire TALES OF CHICAGO, ARCHIPELAGO, nor MORE THAN MELCHISEDECH  as I have never seen these volumes for less than $250 and up. I suppose at some point they will have to be republished.  


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