Hilarious Religious Programming

This ties in with my last post but in a contrary way. I can take someone like Fulton Sheen seriously, I cannot take the late night kooks on television seriously. And anyone who does, please, wake up.

I usually have the television on softly in the background as a noise backdrop because I am up until 7am while the wife usually goes to bed somewhere between 9 – 10pm. So I have it on so I am not tiptoeing through utter silence. Anyway I usually have it on the ion channel until 4am when I will change it to Hallmark for their Frasier/Cheers run.

At 4am the hucksters of the Inspiration Ministries come on. They are the tools that spend most of their time encouraging you to “sow your seed” SEND YOUR MONEY, take a leap of faith with God SEND YOUR MONEY. One time they were selling some oil that was supposed to have these powers and whatnot.

Their main preacher looks exactly like you would imagine a shyster to.


Go ahead, plant your $1000 seed and God will send you a harvest!

Anyway, so I am rushing to the television to throw this crap off. Their intro is a brazenly corny rock/gospel travesty to the ears and I get the giggles whenever I see it. The other morning I find that I am too late – the man is already asking for my seed (bet he won’t be asking that when he lands in prison – yoink!).

But off in the top left hand corner is the biggest piece of American style religious hooey I have ever witnessed.


Yes folks, this is a Google Earth (TM symbol, please) style map with a circle on it that is hovering over buildings on its way to find the lucky person to be saved by God. You too can tune in to see if the Holy Spirit is perhaps hovering over your house about to save you!

I damned near split my sides when I saw the thing! Salvation tracker – seriously?

Are they purposely mocking their victims and asking for their money at the same time? Do they have such a low opinion of the gullible (I have no other word for someone who would give these people a dime)? Are they simply mind jarringly stupid? Ah, Bob ye may be onto something there!

If anyone out there wonders at the scoffing or snorts of derision they receive because of their faith, thank these guys and all the corny American televangelists before them.


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