Monthly Archives: November 2014

Writing Just to Write

And that is just what this post is.

I got back last week from a two week trip to Tucson AZ. I think I may have picked up some bug from a hotel on the way there or back. I’ve felt like crap. Another cause could be the crappy diet a road trip usually entails if you are not careful. I ate a lot of take-out and drank copious amounts of coffee and soda. I also quit smoking (again, Bob, sheesh we’re bored by this one!); 23 days so far and that could have me feeling like crap. My lungs sort of hurt. Or its indigestion. Or I’m sick. I’ll wait a few weeks, if I’m not dead, then I should be fine!

I am quitting for real this time. I have been experiencing shortness of breath over the last year. I shouldn’t be winded going up a single flight of stairs. I’ll miss you, love. But like a crazy woman, you may stimulate me but you’ll kill me.

Reading Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story at the moment. I always read King when traveling, they seem to go together for me. Having a little trouble getting through it which is an odd experience for a King book. I usually smash through them fast. This one is giving me trouble. I’m not connecting with the characters at all. The dead husband I am not buying as a (former) writer. Also King does not make at all clear what the Continue reading