Writing Just to Write

And that is just what this post is.

I got back last week from a two week trip to Tucson AZ. I think I may have picked up some bug from a hotel on the way there or back. I’ve felt like crap. Another cause could be the crappy diet a road trip usually entails if you are not careful. I ate a lot of take-out and drank copious amounts of coffee and soda. I also quit smoking (again, Bob, sheesh we’re bored by this one!); 23 days so far and that could have me feeling like crap. My lungs sort of hurt. Or its indigestion. Or I’m sick. I’ll wait a few weeks, if I’m not dead, then I should be fine!

I am quitting for real this time. I have been experiencing shortness of breath over the last year. I shouldn’t be winded going up a single flight of stairs. I’ll miss you, love. But like a crazy woman, you may stimulate me but you’ll kill me.

Reading Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story at the moment. I always read King when traveling, they seem to go together for me. Having a little trouble getting through it which is an odd experience for a King book. I usually smash through them fast. This one is giving me trouble. I’m not connecting with the characters at all. The dead husband I am not buying as a (former) writer. Also King does not make at all clear what the center of the story is. There is a threatening man wanting the dead husband’s papers from the wife and she has a crazy sister. And, of course, the husband may be dead but he is not, perhaps, gone. Maybe it will get better, and focused, later.

As a knuckle dragging philistine I am eagerly awaiting this Tuesday for the… wait for it… new AC/DC album. These guys could sing about an overdue library book and it would smoke (the song, not the book – well maybe that too). I gave it a listen as it is streaming on iTunes, it rips, probably their strongest release since 1981’s For Those About to Rock, We Salute You. I don’t know what to make of the singer’s vocal resurrection, but it is pretty amazing. I don’t know how someone 67 years old does that (and then two hours a night for two years). I get out of breath telling people the drink and food specials at work! I don’t do that with a backing band however… hmmm.

I read a fascinating story about the band’s founder and rhythm guitarist who had to retire earlier this year due to early onset Alzheimer’s. Apparently he had the disease symptoms before they started recording their prior album in 2008. During the tour (which I saw in Tacoma) he would have to relearn the guitar parts he himself created before performing – and that tour lasted almost two years. I saw that show, you would not have known anything was amiss.

Switching gears here, but not really moving too far up the ladder of aesthetic tastes (we’ll call this – “The Stuff Bob Grew Up On), a teaser trailer was released for the next Star Wars movie due out in December of 2015. Why do you have to release a teaser trailer so far in advance? I don’t know. It’s not like I and millions of other people are not going to go see it.

Not sure about the narrator in the beginning sounds sort of out of place like someone was trying to do an impersonation of the deep voice movie announcer guy “… in a world where…” perhaps it is cut from an actual scene in the movie and placed there. But right after he asks, “Have you felt it?” and that stormtrooper without his helmet pops up with a look of terror on his face to that music. That was great.

The next scene is trouble. It is some sort of cute droid rolling along the desert, looks like it might be CGI. NOO! Hopefully there will not be too much of that. The rest is pretty cool looking for the bit that it is. The prequel trailers were all very cool looking too, and the movies were a mess. I swear I am not going into denial this time if they suck.

Anything deeper at the moment? Nope. I am not fueled by cigarettes at this time so I am at low ebb. Lifelong non-smokers don’t know what a push cigarettes are. Yeah, they kill you in the end but you can get a lot of work done chaining those babies and it always made my mind sharp (sharp for me anyway!) and sustained. Gotta learn how to kick that baby into the same gear without the crutch. Stephen King wrote awhile back how his output diminished when he quit smoking. Guy still puts out at least a book or two a year so I don’t think the loss was too great.


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