A Little Quiet

I’ll probably not be posting for the next week or so. Maybe. Judging by my output here the last couple months it seems hardly necessary to announce such a thing beforehand. But I know why in advance this time.

I’ll be doing a little proofreading gig for upstart science fiction magazine Sci Phi Journal. This gig is a lot cleaner material than the work I did for Mr. Wright’s book earlier this year. That needed thorough proof reading because they were a collection of essays from his blog that he dashes of in between his fiction writing. I just went through the first swing of one article for the magazine and was disappointed at not finding an error.

That was just the first swing though, you never proof read material once. Well, I don’t anyway.

This time the open source (LibreOffice) software is working fine – the files are individual and, thus, much smaller. I noticed one article (they are kept on Dropbox until publication) has been given a once over already. I have no idea how to do this. Not the proofreading or the tracked corrections, but the whole modern collaborative upload and download document thing (ME DINOSAUR! ME ROAR!) I can download the article but I cannot upload, or don’t know how.

I think when I am done I may try to submit a story myself…


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