How Did I End Up On A Lafferty Site?

I was going through my site stats today and under yesterday’s referrers I see I was visited by a place called Specifically it was It is a site dedicated to all things Lafferty (that would R.A. Lafferty, to you, bub). And under its fans page my site is listed (under the English column, 8th site down… there you go).

About as close as I’ve come to fame, ha ha!

I realize I’ve written several pieces on Lafferty (of little value in my opinion) but I don’t think I should be on there (read prior parenthetical remark for the reason).

Also, I am nobody. And I do not say that self pityingly or with a false sense of humility. As my life stands right now I am a former high school drop out, ex-burger flipper turned bartender (I am pretty good at that) who writes science fiction as fast as a constipated duck with high blood pressure shits. Quack!

Jesus, it took me from 1994 to 2014 to quit cigarettes (I have gone long enough now to be comfortable in saying I do not smoke). I probably failed 3000 times if not more. And you all didn’t get a lightbulb out of those failures!

I play the guitar worse now than when I was 16 and I practice more now than I did then!

If you want a really good site from a Lafferty fan (I am a fan, a BIG one) go here for that. And apologies to Mr. Petersen for my site being higher on the list than his.


2 thoughts on “How Did I End Up On A Lafferty Site?

  1. Personally, I love your offbeat ruminations about Lafferty here. Especially just quoting the guy at some length and enthusing about the writing! That rates super high in my book. Thanks for passing people on to my blog with kind words.

    1. Thanks! And thank you for the many write-ups on Lafferty’s stories and novels. Sometimes, even though I enjoy what I have read, I am not sure what I’ve just experienced, and I’ve gone to your site for some guidance. In particular his Catholic themes can oft times fly over my head.

      Btw. I just got this e-mail from the publisher of Lafferty’s short fiction, Centipede Press, on Sunday.
      Amazon still says March 17th for pub date, but it looks like it will be sooner.

      Sunday, January 4, 2015

      Hi everyone,

      Well, I just got back into town from a brief vacation. Sorry for no newsletter today. However, I am getting

      The Man with the Aura
      R.A. Lafferty
      volume 2

      in from the printer’s on Tuesday. Along with that comes a reprint of The Man Who Made Models.

      Those will be listed on the website by Thursday, and I’ll send out a major announcement next Sunday.

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