SJW’s and Metalgate

I got this in the email yesterday. I used to be a subscriber to his now defunct magazine The Intellectual Activist. I guess I must still be on the (e)mailing list because I get these once in a while.

I don’t get out very much. Which means when I got this email I had to look up what an SJW was. Social Justice Warrior.

Oy vey, not these assholes. I had heard of Gamergate but it didn’t really sound like anything serious to me and I’ve become rather apathetic about the world at large around me. It sounded like a bunch of gamers were getting sick of being picked on because their female warriors are curvy Amazons with 42inch e-cup breasts. While I am sure a more athletic, trim build would yield better results on the battlefield, at least in term of litheness of movement (as I am not too sure how easy it is to wield a Claymore in skin tight leather and bazongas that rise to the level of your chin, let alone move around easily at all).

Apparently it goes much deeper than that. These are the political correctoids. These are the supposed people that fought off the supposed shackles of white, male, Christian oppression, and now, in the ascendancy, are fully prepared to enact one of their own.

Now Metalgate. Basically a bunch of unemployable do-nothings educated by college unemployables (outside the lunatic asylums of the universities) are raising a fracas about metal being naughty and trying to promote their own “artists” to expand the metal audience (largely male and white) just like they did in the field of science fiction and fantasy. I’m not going to get into the details (it’s about an hour of work just to get your bearings in that mine field).

There is complaining about the rampant misogyny and the use of non-acceptable words. This is HEAVY METAL we are talking about. When the hell did it get to the point where it is supposed to be soft and safe?

Granted, metal is basically a cess pool with a few bright spots. But who takes this stuff seriously?

Who takes the hair metal of the 80’s seriously? Who takes butt-rock seriously after Spinal Tap’s song Big Bottoms?

The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin
That’s what I said.
The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand
Or so I have read.
My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo.
I love to sink her with my pink torpedo.
Big bottom
Big bottom
Talk about bum cakes,
My gal’s got ’em.
Big bottom,
Drive me out of my mind.
How can I leave this behind?
I saw her on monday, twas my lucky bun day
You know what I mean.
I love her each weekday, each velvety cheekday
You know what I mean.
My love gun’s loaded and she’s in my sights
Big game’s waiting there inside her tights
Big bottom
Big bottom
Talk about mud flaps
My gal’s got ’em.
Big bottom
Drive me out of my mind.
How can I leave this behind?

I love the mockery here. “I met her on Monday, twas my luck bun day. You know what I mean” This makes fun of the overt crudity in rock lyrics usually followed by “if you know what I mean” Yeah, you didn’t leave a lot to guess about buddy.

“How can I leave this behind?” Priceless.

Who can take the misogyny seriously after the same (fictional) band’s song Bitch School which was clearly directly mocking this most atrocious song of the hairball 80’s Girl School by the “so glad you’re gone forever now don’t come back” band Britny Fox?

Bitch School

You been bad
Don’t do what I say.
You don’t listen.
And you never obey.
Try to teach you.
But you just won’t be good.
You won’t behave the way
A big girl should.
It’s time to give the whip a crack.
I’m gonna have to send you back to
Bitch School.
Bitch School.
You’re a beauty.
You’re the best of your breed.
You’re a handful.
And I know what you need.
You need training.
Gonna bring you to heel.
I’m gonna break you with my will of steel.
Discipline’s my middle name.
And no one comes back the same from
Bitch School.
Bitch School.
No more sniffling strangers, or running free at night.
You think my bark’s bad, honey – wait till you feel my bite.
You got problems.
You whine and you beg.
When I’m busy,
You wanna dance with my leg.
I’m gonna chain you.
Make you sleep out of doors.
You’re so fetching when you’re down on all fours.
And when you hear your master,
You will come a little faster, thanks to
Bitch School.

The song is actually a great double entendre. It plays on that ever so employed method of rock music lyrics, clearly the meaning is for human women, but the performer gets to smile and innocently say, “are you messed up? its about a dog!”

This is one of the things that SJW’s will force out of our lives. In general the color, diversity of life. And things such as Spinal Tap that shows us the absurdity that we sometimes swing to.

The Borg was not a fictional invention, people.


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