Editing Done

I finished my editing for the upcoming issue of Sci Phi Journal (might be out by Christmas, I’ll post). I basically did a third of the editing (a little less if you count the flash fiction, but I threw in the editor’s From the Editor (that’s not me) and an author’s bio for good measure).

Here are Sci Phi’s past issues. There are only two so far, three is on its way. Buy it! I want to keep doing this. I’d be in dog heaven if I could get paid for it. Also the first two issues sport John C. Wright as contributor. That’s worth the price of admission right there.

It was good fun. I like seeing the polished, final result. I hope I didn’t miss anything… I did a last minute final check before it goes to the editor for finalization. I like solving a problem like “is the double space after sentences still used?” “workout is a word but is worksout? Better go research it”

Language changes all the time.

And I love spending two hours scouring over the Chicago Manual of Style for a nuance in punctuation.

Until the next issue, if I’m asked back, I going to be busy doing some writing of my own.

“© 2015 Sci Phi Publications
Cover Art by Cat Leonard
Ebook Design by Jason Rennie
Edited by Jason Rennie, Robert J. Wigard and Peter Sean Bradley”

Excerpt From: Jason Rennie. “Sci Phi Journal #3.” iBooks.

See? That’s me name on the 4th line, 3rd name.


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