Page Publishing

I saw an ad for this company on television last night Page Publishing. It is, as far as I have read, a self-publishing house that will prepare your manuscript, distribute and market it digitally and hardcopy. Not that I have anything ready to go, but I thought I would have a look-see.

Seems to be a relatively new company. Going through its author testimonials most of the books were published within the last 12 months. I copy and pasted the author’s names into amazon to look up information on their works. All the books I looked up were in the #1,000,000 to 10,000,000 rank. I think that is close to selling zero copies. The reviews were pretty dubious as well. They looked like they were written up by family members or the author themselves. Third possibility the company pays someone next to nothing in Manila to write reviews. Almost all the reviews for these books (for the ones that had any, and even those that did were relatively few) were 5 stars.

5 stars? All five stars? What book gets all five stars?

It should go without saying that you could get a deal with Random house and end up with the same fate. That is where most writers end up – some go straight there and stay there.

What it is though, this Page Publishing is a hidden cost – not scam – but they are not very up front with the whole deal. You can order the FREE Author Submission Kit. That, my friend, I can guarantee you, is the last free thing you will get.

Take a look at all they offer without ever mentioning money. On the FAQ page, they have a question about how much the author will make for each digital sale. Page Publishing claims to only make 20 cents from each digital sale. After all that work?

A tie-in question. What about percentages on hardcopy sales? Shouldn’t there be a question about that? Didn’t anyone ask? I can absolutely guarantee that for all they claim to do for you, they are taking more than merely 20 cents on each digital sale. They are either taking a giant bite on the hardcopy sale, or there are up front fees to get all of their services that they do not make easy to find.

Ever heard of too good to be true? Looks like a classic case here…

After looking below, follow this link to see exactly how much they appear to be offering. Hell, you can see that novel of yours sitting on prominent display at Barnes and Noble right now, can’t you?

Judging by the sales rank of all these books, it doesn’t look like they get the word out to much of anyone.

If I missed something crucial, someone please bring it to my attention, I can have bouts of daftness as anyone. But I’m pretty sure I smell a turkey.

Copy-editing & Proofreading

A key component toward your book’s success, a thorough editing and proofreading process keeps your readers engaged by not diverting their attention with grammatical errors and plot inconsistencies. Our editors will make sure your writing is up to the standards your audience deserves.

Typesetting & eBook Conversion

We will format and transform your manuscript into a finished book complete with page and cover design.  Our artists will create  illustrations and give your entire work a professional layout.  Once your printed book is complete, we will also convert the title into a digital publication or “eBook”.

Marketing & Publicity

Our publicity campaigns ensures deep market penetration so that everyone hears about your new title. We know the right steps to get your book in front of it’s intended audience. We get the word out through press release distribution, radio interviews, online promotion and more!

Distribution & Royalty Management

When you are a Page Publishing author, you need not worry about the logistics of providing book stores with fresh copies of your book. We ensure that every order placed is fulfilled immediately and we track each sale to make sure you receive every penny that you are due!


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