Playing with Words


As anyone here knows, I love the writing of R.A. Lafferty. One of the things I love the most is his word play. And sometimes they are downright funny.

I quote from the novel, Aurelia:

To scarifying reporter Jimmy Candor we owe such nomenclature as ‘dynamic apathy,’ ‘creative loitering,’ ‘dark-sides advocacy,’ ‘precursor reporting,’ ‘macho cookery,’ ‘constructive defamation,’ ‘diatonic intercourse,’ ‘compassionate hatred.’ All that Glitters is perhaps compassionate hatred, and it may be constructive defamation. That it is defamation there is no doubt.

Compassionate hatred, that’s great. Diatonic intercourse (is that conversation or the other?…) macho cookery. I giggle at constructive defamation. Oh, and creative loitering. You know that skill has been around for a long time, I never heard it named, however.


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