What a Hot Mess 2

Ack, excuse my prior post. Microsoft always did get me riled up. After many hours of effort I finally got the carnage that is Windows 8 to look something like a desktop OS. I downloaded a tweak to get the start button back and locked out the hideous cacophony known as their start screen. I don’t know if all the crap is still going on somewhere (live news feeds (of the trendy style), advertisements, advertisements and more advertisements) in the background, but at least it is out of my face.

Then I had to spend some time figuring out how to lock out their search engine, Bing. They REALLY want you to use Bing, and, being Microsoft, they have no shame in letting you know THEY REALLY WANT YOU TO USE BING.

Then I changed the settings to make updates from Microsoft manual so it wasn’t always checking in the background. So it got revenge on me for that by canceling my change and slamming me with 66 updates that took about 2 hours to upload and install. Most of those were security updates because MS is like fresh fish walking naked into prison with his wrists strapped to his ankles and his buttocks freshly vaseline slathered.

One thing I do like is what they have done with Word. Now that I like. They should put whoever runs Office in charge of the entire company. Then take whoever thought up getting rid of the Start button and replacing it with that horrendous Start Page – strap their wrist to their ankles and…


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