Easter and Other Subjects


Long time, no post. I have been caught up in a secret project (unfortunately, nothing intriguing) and a move which still has me living out of boxes. I have no desk (yes, I still use such a thing) and I haven’t read any fiction in over a month. The last makes me a little cranky.

So I am at Target yesterday, Saturday, and I notice the parking lot is really full. It is a rather large lot and is not usually more than half full except for the Christmas season. My wife tells me it is the day before Easter and that is why the parking lot is near full.

Accounting even for those who make the twice a year exception and make their token call to church, there is no explaining that many people being at the store. There is simply not that many people, today, that take it seriously enough to account for such a full parking lot.

So, I think, many people celebrate Easter without any religious import. Further, many people celebrate Christmas in the same way, irreligiously.

Here is the difference: there is certainly something of a holiday to the non-religious on Christmas – indeed of the whole (mostly whole) season.

What is there of Easter for the non-religious? For the non-Christian specifically? Nothing. At most it is an obligatory time to get together with family for conventional reasons. And to color eggs (for some reason) and to hide them from children (for some reason) and to get candy (again, for some reason).

Unlike the “holiday season” there is nothing of import to secular Easter. The Holiday season has general themes of charity, goodwill and cheer that a few people even pay attention to outside a momentary inspiration sparked by intoxication. It has songs (well, Easter does have Peter Cottontail…) culminates in an actual objective, its central secular figure, Santa Claus, is based on an actual person, a saint.

But for a secular, for the irreligious (I say irreligious to include both overt atheists and those to whom it simply does not arise) Easter could very well just be a family get together that could happen on any other weekend of the year.

I tried to think of any reason for this holiday to exist outside of Christianity and couldn’t come up with a single worthy quality. So if you are not a Chrsitian, or this year as they overlap a Jew, just ignore Easter and Passover and go about your busy as normal.

Furious 7 came out this weekend. In case anyone is curious, I have never seen any of them outside of a few scenes and never care to. I think they are retarded. And it is more than a little tacky to keep releasing these after their initial star got burnt to a crisp doing exactly what these movies glorify. But, hey, if you have a brother who kinda looks like the original and that almighty dracma is there for the pimpin’ yo, go make that material bread.

Was joking with my wife earlier today about seeing one of these films. She said she already wasted one hour of her life watching an episode of Dukes of Hazzard, why would she waste another? I found that spot on. The Fast and Furious franchise is nothing more that a vamped up (and probably, miraculously, dumbed down) modernized Dukes of Hazzard. The good ol’ country boys Bo and Luke Duke are replaced by your quasi-thug inner-city types exemplified by Vin Diesel. And instead of the Dukes’ 69′ Dodge Charger, you have sported out Asian imports – the cop cars, I am sure are still there.

But I am sure all, “…have been in trouble with the law since the day they were born.” Yee-haw!


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