Kent, Shell and Other Things

So I moved out of tranquil Issaquah and moved to Kent because my wife got a job down here and Issaquah has been getting too damned expensive. When I say tranquil Issaquah, I mean I could take a nap anywhere in that city, in the open, at anytime of the day or night and not worry a bit about someone disturbing me. It is as close to Mayberry as you can get for safeness.

Basically the farther south you go the worse your neighborhood. There are pockets of good neighborhoods but the riff raff surrounds you on all sides. I begrudgingly moved down here. I’ve worked in the Kent/Renton area for some 17 years – it did not make me eager to live here as well. I suffered a two-hour round commute everyday for years to not live in it.

Sure enough, we are down here not even three weeks and about a hundred and fifty yards from my complex a one year old child is shot in the head in a case of road rage drive-by.

How so very… typical.


In other news Seattle protests Shell rig! Alright, not Seattle (although this is liberal weiny-ville so probably not too small a sample size) but some unshaven tree huggers.


I saw this on the news this morning and damn near spit up my orange juice in laughter. What do you suppose powers their boat? Since they didn’t arrive in a boat powered by the stroke of their oars, their only chance of consistency is to say that they don’t mind oil (or Shell) but let’s keep it in some stinking Third World country not our over-priced trendy little enclave of smug self-satisfaction.

Here is a question. How do so many people around here find the time to protest? It’s always during the middle of the week. Is this what you do when you are unemployed? Or, more likely, unemployable? I’ve never had the time for such frivolous activity. It’s called punching a time-clock!


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