They Might Need a Little Pushing?

So, R.A. Lafferty has a new agent. At least since August of last year over at JABberwocky Literary Agency. I know things don’t happen overnight in the publishing world unless you are James Patterson and his merciless robots of bad writing. BUT I AM AN IMPATIENT MAN! All they did was add him to their authors page. I got a vague hint from them when I inquired several months ago, but I haven’t heard anything else anywhere.

I want to read The Elliptical Grave! I want to read The Devil is Dead series!

So if you are out there Lafferty fans (and I know you are) I suggest some pressure, some organized pressure. Well, at least semi-organized pressure. In that vein, I post here the contact page for JABberwocky.

Let them know there is interest for his material.

Now it could be there is already something going on. Hell, maybe it is already in the works (someone there kinda said there was but…) but consumer pressure for a product never hurts.

But at the least perhaps they could throw us a bone, some news maybe.

Oh, and I forgot to show off my new acquisition! I was waiting until I could afford the stand alone book and not the paperback one that has some novel called Pity About Earth as its second half (and not written by Lafferty either).


I still say pressure whoever is in charge of getting his stuff out, but its not like I’m going to be waiting for them!


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