Follow-up to “Unamused”

I told my wife about Jenner’s comment that life as a woman being primarily a matter of mental state and lifestyle. With due scorn and, I believe, justice, she scoffed at this.

When he gets cramps and bleeds five days a month for decades, then he can talk about being a woman. Something to that effect. More basically it is the capacity for pregnancy and everything that entails that makes a woman a woman.

Or, as with so many other topics, South Park said it best in the following dialogue. This is where Mr. Garrison gets a sex change and thinks he is pregnant and so happily goes to the abortion clinic. Note: the scene is pretty damned offensive (and funny) and so to the point.

                         Hello doctor, looks like I need an abortion. 

                                     MRS. GARRISON
                         Yeah, I've got one growing inside me. 
                         Now, are you gonna scramble its brains 
                         or just vacuum it out?  ...If you want 
                         you can just scramble it and I'll queef 
                         it out myself.
                         Mmister Garrison-

                                     MRS. GARRISON
                          Mrs. Garrison.

                         Mmrs. Garrison, you can't have an abortion.
                                     MRS. GARRISON
                         Don't you tell me what I can and can't 
                         do with my body!  A woman has a right 
                         to choose!
                         No, I mean you're physically unable 
                         to have an abortion, because you can't 
                         get pergnant.
                                     MRS. GARRISON
                         But I missed my period.

                         You can't have periods either.  You 
                         had a sex change, Mr. Garrison, but 
                         you don't have ovaries or a womb. You 
                         don't produce eggs.
                                     MRS. GARRISON
                          You mean, I'll never know what it feels 
                         like to have a baby growing inside me 
                         and then scramble its brains and vacuum 
                         it out?
                         N-that's right.

                                     MRS. GARRISON
                         But I paid five thousand dollars to 
                         be a woman. This would mean I I'm not 
                         really a woman. Ih, I'm just a... a 
                         I'm just a guy with a mutilated penis!
                         Basically, yes.

                                     MRS. GARRISON
                         ...Oh boy, do I feel like a jackass.

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