Gays Win the Weimar Lottery

Imagine there is a lottery in Germany, much like our modern one back in the 1920’s/ Imagine a one Wolfdietrich von Stumm of Weimar Germany in November of 1923. After a rout of drinking and harassing some Jews, he stops by his local store to check his lottery tickets.

“Heilige Scheiße!” (Holy Shit!) this intoxicated antisemite exclaims, he has just matched all numbers from last week’s lottery.

Then he reads that what would have been his millions of Marks last week that would have bought a week’s worth of meals will now not even be enough for a downpayment on a loaf of bread. He had wondered where his wife had found the Mark-wallpaper design!

“Fick die Henne!” (Fuck the Chicken) He spits throwing the newspaper to the ground and going back to the bar.

That, in a nutshell is what gays in America got today in the Supreme Court ruling that made same sex marriages legal in all 50 states.

What used to be considered a sacrament (if only sometimes as an ideal) is now not even afforded the status of a gentlemanly handshake. Not even the force of a business contract. A large segment of the current generation skips it entirely seeing the hollow folly their predecessors made of the institution.

People can divorce for any reason whatsoever – children be damned – under the slightest whim or the faintest of pressures. Because he has found a tighter ass or bigger tits, or she a bigger dick or larger wallet, or the initial lust has worn away – whatever. And they are free to repeat this process as many times as they feel the need to.

In today’s culture of ME, marriage didn’t stand a chance. Now I never had children, but I didn’t need to to learn the first lesson of marriage, it is not about ME. And this goes roundly and doubly if you have children then it is absolutely NOT ABOUT YOU.

So diluted and meaningless is the modern institution of secular marriage we have the spectacle of the “open marriage” which is really not a marriage no matter if the modern episte allows for the exclusion of the essential in one’s definition.

People walk around having children in marriage, without the marriage at the same time, having 4 children by four different fathers (never forget I point the finger at the fathers as well).

I get astonishment when I tell people I’ve been married for 22 years. It is like I’ve achieved some sort of rare, almost unheard of feat. That used to be the norm.

So no one be shocked that marriage is now “redefined” because it has been undefined for some years now.

What did they get? It’s a pity, they didn’t get much. Some vague contract thingy that will help you in court when you divorce (maybe) get you health insurance through your partner. They’re getting something most people I know aren’t searching for and don’t care about.

It is not an achievement. They did not gain anything. What they gained was a rubble. If they had gained it 50, even 40 years ago, that may have been something (scratch the 40, that would have been 1975, too late!). They would have really achieved something if it was still viewed as sacrament.

But I’ll leave it for the reader to see why that would be impossible. Hint: the answer lies not in intolerance or even religious views, the answer lies in psychology and I left the hint in this very post. Happy hunting.

Anyway… Hurray! Good for you!




One thought on “Gays Win the Weimar Lottery

  1. Yep, marriage was in shambles long before today. A process of erosion has made civil marriage a thing vastly different from sacramental marriage. The two instances might be spelled the same and sound the same but their referents are very different.

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