Hey, Ah, When Can I Get That Second Wife?


Or my wife that second husband. Hey, if on Friday, Love Won, then there can’t be anything wrong with More Love Winning, right? This is not a new observation with me, but what possible argument is there against polygamy now? If marriage is not only between one man and one woman, but also between two men or two women, why the restriction on number?

Polygamists, I am sure, have always thought the number restriction to be arbitrary, but now it surely is – at least in the eyes of the law.

Marriage is no longer thought to be about the bond that cleaves to form the nest of the family, nor even as the precondition should a couple decide to pursue such a path. No, now it is simply about love – great big, ol’ mushy love.


Mmm, I betcha gramps, enjoyed deflowering the cutie to his right (HIS right, not his first wife from the Great Depression on your right).

Well, why cant my wife have two husbands (btw, yuck, ain’t happening legal or no)? If the standard is love, well then she has doubled the love. That’s good, right? And if she can get me into (now I get into original territory my way!) fondling balls and take  on some cornholin’ well, she has just tripled the love, no? We are enacting an earthly Age of Aquarius style unholy trinity!

And, of course, someday I may come home and say (in an Elvis voice)

“Ah, yeah, say, baby, here’s the thing you see. There’s a baby mama down at the laundry mat, a Lucy, and we a got to talking you see, and well, we in love baby, so this family going to get a little bigger.”


[Yeah, mommy! I wanna be that guy when I grow up! It’s probably great on hump night, but can you imagine being in the doghouse with three women! I can’t handle it with one!]

What’s she to say other than her own subjective affirmation or denial of my right to add more Love to the mix. She made the love a triple, I made it a quadruple!

Hey, maybe her sister is hot as well…


2 responses to “Hey, Ah, When Can I Get That Second Wife?

  • taichiwawa

    Soon, every Tom, Dick, and Harry will be able to get married.

    • bensira587

      Well for now only Tom & Dick or Tom & Harry, or Dick & Harry. But like I mentioned in an earlier post – woo hoo for them. They’re getting something few any longer want and fewer respect.

      I would treat it as a weightier matter in my posts but I spent most of my adult life as a libertine/libertarian and only went socially conservative very recently. After, seemingly, all battles are done.

      I am not even sure such topics are worthy of serious discussion in most cases as the lines have already been (arbitrarily) drawn: enthusiastic, unquestioning support of the LGBT(I don’t know or care what the recent new letters stand for) gender-identity crusade – or – Bigot.

      I told someone the other day the following the other day after they asked my opinion of the scotus decision. You can only rely on the truthfulness of the non-supportive position because the price is becoming higher and higher not to be total agreement. So if someone tells you, “yes, yes it is a good thing,” it may be the case that that is indeed their opinion, or they simply don’t want repercussions for non-tolerance – tolerance now being redefined as total acceptance.

      Suppose there were a sub-class, as it were, of individuals who habitually drummed their fingers on desks, shelves, anything. I don’t even need to spell out the analogy.

      Wider implications of the continuing progress of the “sexual revolution” can be found here:


      where, if you open the pdf file for Standards for Sexual Education in Europe (and you know we love to follow those numbskulls) you can see that it is recommended for parents to start the sexual education of their children at birth.

      Particularly chilling is the following part (which starts on page 38)

      􀂄 enjoyment and pleasure when
      touching one’s own body,
      early childhood masturbation
      􀂄 discovery of own body and
      own genitals
      􀂄 the fact that enjoyment of
      physical closeness is a normal
      part of everyone’s life
      􀂄 tenderness and physical
      closeness as an expression of
      love and affection

      This is information parents are to give to children 0 – 4 years old. If I were a pedophile, I’d be tap dancing to this shit and boarding a plane to the old country so I can bugger some children!

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