Man, what the hell happened to people in the late 60’s? This is got to be one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen. And, yes, I made it through the whole thing. Hanoi Jane (part and parcel of 60’s and 70’s insanity) shows her B-acting skills in what has to be the single most worthless character to ever grace the screen. She, supposedly the only one future Earth can depend on to save the galaxy, achieves exactly zero. Except for getting laid three times and breaking the orgasm machine, which figured into the plot not at all (hold it, did I just say PLOT???) the entirety of what passes for the events of the story could have gone on completely without her.

I can’t believe this was a short few years before one of the greatest science fiction movies ever. I’m talking of course about Star Wars. [On a side note, I am seriously trying to not get excited about the new Star Wars film this Christmas. I’ll probably fail!]

I mean – wow. For those too young to remember (I was just a small child at the time myself) I called Jane Fonda Hanoi Jane because of her famous rallying for the communist Vietnam army and her deplorable words against our servicemen. Servicemen, at least in my humble opinion, that were victims of, not only a senseless war, but the worst executed war in American history. Sorry, it was not technically a war (which was part of the problem) Congress declared nothing. And, lest we forget, the draft was still in effect then as well.

The 60’s always appears to me as some sick, diabolical joke (don’t get me wrong, the 80’s were a joke as well, but that’s because we were the first trivial generation). You still hear people of the era mention how they really did something back then. It was the age of love, they were the age of aquarius, the generation of peace.


We’re still feeling the repercussions. The Manson Family, that is the proper symbol of the counterculture of the 60’s. It was a disaster in every single facet.

This movie reminded me of just how F’d up that period was.


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