Grinding Through School

I’m going to end up having to attain an extension for this medical coding program I am in. I just can’t seem to motivate myself to more than a few hours a week. The medical terminology part is killing me. I thought this was the part I was going to excel in but I’m floundering.

I think part of the problem is it is learning without practice. For instance, when I was taking Electronics Engineering some years ago we learned theory and we were always putting it into practice. With this I am being thrown some 60 terms a chapter and then simply leaving it and going on to the next chapter. I won’t come back to this stuff at all until I eventually enter the field.

I haven’t read any fiction since February. I haven’t written a drop since February – haven’t had the time. And I was actually finding some ground at that point too. I’ve been reading some non-fiction because that is less committal than fiction. You can leave a non-fiction work for a week, a month and come back into it. You can’t do that with fiction and have the same experience.

I could simply quit my job and go full blast into the school and wrap it up in a few months time. I have the resources to do that. But you know something always comes up. Actually something kind of did as me and my sister just took up paying for our mother’s property taxes.

Right now I am reading Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. It is very interesting. It may chide some people to hear it, but I think the Catholic teaching on sex and sexual morality to be quite strong (and strangely Darwinian at the same time, it makes a certain scientific sense). Certainly its argument is more sound than the modern approach where we couldn’t say whether it was bad or good to fuck a water buffalo, have 7 wives or husbands, marry my dog, or my brother, have an orgy, whether to throw blow job parties, etc, etc.

Did you know there is a porn category called Brazilian Fart Porn? Got to be careful watching South Park with the commentary turned on. Sometimes I just assume they make this stuff up because they’re nutty. Unfortunately I looked it up (as the jerks challenged, do I follow just anybody, what’s wrong with me!), it is exactly as you would think it is. WARNING: Please do not look it up unless you have a strong constitution for not being offended. I’m a bartender (and former line cook) I can’t produce the reaction of being offended.

It was better than Barbarella…


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