Where George RR Martin Gets Tangled Up in His Own Words – Or George RR Martin Has Contempt for His Own Fans

As the past three posts have illustrated I do have a little problem with the top tiers of modern science fiction. It is an elitist clique, and like every elitist clique, it wants to maintain its existence by denying its existence.

I quote George RR Martin from his own blog:

A fan is not just someone who reads SF and fantasy. A fan is a member of a community called “fandom” whose roots go back to the 1930s.

Fans are tolerant, friendly, good humored, warm, welcoming. They love worldcon, they respect and value the Hugos, they honor fannish tradition.

Now, someone takes him to task on this, but she¬†underestimates the lowness of the elite’s esteem for her.

First, Mr. Martin’s interloper,

Ah – I get it. Because I cannot afford to go to Worldcon (either financially or time-wise), because I do not have enough time to volunteer at Worldcon without eliminating either my job, my family, or my sleep schedule, i am not a True Fan. The fact that i have been reading SciFi and Fantasy since I pulled “Smith of Wooten Major and Farmer Giles of Ham” of my father’s bookshelf at the age of seven, the fact that almost every book on my Kindle is SciFi or Fantasy, those make me a “casual reader”. I MUST attend WorldCon to be a true fan.

Do you even HEAR how elitist that makes you sound? Every time you make a statement like that, you disparage the millions of fans (yes, real, true, actual FANS) who read your works, watch your TV show, and eagerly await the next book or episode. You disparage the very people who make you ” rich enough” to ignore those posts you deem hateful on here.

Mr. Martin’s response:
Except nobody said that.

But the Hugos belong to worldcon. Worldcon created them. Worldcon owns them. There were plenty of years when I could not afford to go to worldcon either. I could still join as a supporting member (very cheap, then as now) and vote. And I could still go to local cons. I was a member of fandom, regardless of how many cons I attended.

Maybe you’re the same. I don’t know you. Do you attend your local con, belong to a club, publish a fanzine/ blog? If so, you’re a fan.

Yeah, you said that. I just quoted you with the link to your own site stating just that. Local con? Mr. Martin, lets not change definitions midstream just because a woman had the balls to confront you on your own words. Press him more, shall we? You have to belong to a club? Bullshit. Publish to a fanzine – more bullshit!
Who, Mr. Martin, are you signing autographs for if it is not for FANS??? Do you not sign a book if they don’t have credentials of attending a local Con? Not having published in a fanzine? Belong to a Throne club? Or do you cynically just sign the book and sneer at them as they walk away as not “Trufan”?
Do you demand these credentials before you sign copies of your books? What are you signing? You definition of a “fan” is an evolving insult to fans.



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