Crunching Away

After spending four months flailing away at medical terminology, I have only 144 days left before my course on medical coding runs out and I’m out of time. I was going to be done in three months, but way underestimated the work involved. For one, I did not know they were assigning additional internet related research projects (for instance yesterday was four hours reading about everything arthritis (which, btw, I’m convinced I have now)). Second, I didn’t realize just how bad I am at memorization. I can read a definition and not be able to recall it minutes later. It takes a lot of hammering for a definition to stick in my head. Especially when one reading assignment requires me to go to the dictionary 30 plus times. I am not an idiot but it is medicine and I am not a physician.

Another reason I find myself in the ultimate crunch is I am simply not used to not working under pressure. My entire work life has been all about pressure. Forty seven burgers, four salads, 16 pizzas – bam! – need that shit in ten minutes – oops here comes six more tickets, those have to come out moments after that prior mess – oops – something goes wrong.

Don’t even get me started on bartending. I don’t work at a slow hotel bar, let me tell ya.

So when I signed up for this course in medical billing I had 365 days to finish the course (you can buy an extension, betcha that ain’t cheap) and a year out is no pressure for me. Now I look ahead at what I have to finish and I’m thinking “ah, shit.”

I wonder if this is why I’ve been so lackadaisical about writing. There is no pressure. There is no one breathing down my neck. I feel no tension. Hell, I haven’t smoked outside of work in years. Would I actually be one of those people that gets the “you’ve got six months to live, Robert, make your peace with God,” and then realize I never did get to any of those stories finished? And then spend six months shitting the bed with a word processor on my lap and laid out on morphine?

Speculation aside, there will not be a lot of activity here for a time (I think I’m addressing maybe four people anyway) as it will be all crunch, crunch, crunch.

I’ve always performed well under pressure. Maybe I won’t need that extension. But I better stop blabbering here first.

See ya!


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