Scrivener for iOS in 2015? The Answer

Nope, apparently not. I bought my iPad back in July of 2014 anticipating the immanent release of Scrivener for iOS. According the owner of Scrivener, the whole project is a pretty much a sprawling mess because of the uniqueness of Scriv’s file format and synching with DropBox.

For those that care:

Short of a miracle – which I still hope for – the iOS version is unlikely to out this year now, let alone in time for NaNoWriMo. All we can do at this point is bury our heads in shame and apologise for how long it has taken and is still taken. It’s not for want of trying or of resources – we’ve ploughed a small fortune into it. Ask any developer who has worked on it, and they will tell you just how complex it is, but even so, it is waaaaay late now. So: sorry. But we are still working on it, and we are very thankful to our users for their continued enthusiasm for the project in spite of the many delays.

I thought I’d be pissed at this by now, but since I am in school, I don’t have time for it anyway. And I’ve been thinking larger instead of smaller recently. Who wants to write on such a small thing? The iPad is not much smaller to carry around than the MacBook Air.


One response to “Scrivener for iOS in 2015? The Answer

  • Alex Koolaev

    Well, yeah, the iPad seems like a big thing, but hey, the latest iPad Air are really light! And if you will be using Apple bluetooth keyboard, it will be really a thorough setup for writing on the go. I know it because I use iPad 4 (really heavy, though) plus Apple keyboard.

    By the way, Scrivener for iOS has been released:

    It’s a very minimalistic looking app that delivers a desktop-like writing experience. I love it so far. It keeps all the distractions at bay and helps me just write. Check it out. 🙂

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