I Hate Unclear Questions!!!!!

So I was taking the chapter test to The Cardiovascular System in my Pathophysiology module tonight and the following penultimate question came up:

What part of the conduction mechanism terminates in the Purkinje fibers?

The options were as follows:

  1. Sinoatrial Node (SA Node)
  2. Atrioventricular Node (AV Node)
  3. Bundle of His
  4. All of the Above

Now here is the thing. Technically the last stop before the Purkinje (pronounced purk – in – gee with accent on “in”) fibers is the Bundle of His. But, but, but, it is a single signal that starts from the SA Node to the AV Node through to the Bundle of His, bifurcating after that in the interventricular (that’s a word spell-check) septum and then terminated in the Purkinje fibers – thus causing the ventricles to contract.

The whole thing terminates in the Purkinje fibers. I chose All of the Above based on that reasoning. And it is not an incorrect answer! True, the conduction of the electrical signal does not travel the same through the whole electrical system of the heart, but it is one signal… at least the material I was assigned said so. I’m not an M.D. by any stretch of the imagination.

I don’t know if I’m just an idiot who thinks too much when not necessary or I’m so smart I am stupid. Think about it this way if the question was:

Where does the conduction of X (the Nodes and the bundle) terminate? Ask the question three times, the answer is the same, add the fact that it is the same signal, well, my answer was perfectly logical.

Consider this. Take road X that terminates at road Y, the typical T intersection. Intersection? Whatever. But road X has three different names before it terminates at road Y. [Perhaps only people living in the Seattle area will understand this as we seem to like to call a road, even if it is going in a perfectly straight line, 4 or more names within 5 miles of length. I don’t know if any other place does this or not. Tucson certainly did not.]

Road X is called, 180th, Carr Road, 43rd Street and Petrovitsky. And let’s say it terminates at road Y. And you ask me: what road terminates at road Y? And you give me 180th, Carr, 43rd, Petrovitsky and the option All of the Above. Even if 180th is the last part before Y, would you not think it logical to say, All of the Above?

Why am I bitching about this? BECAUSE I DO NOT LIKE TO GET SCORES LESS THAN 100%!!!!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN I KNOW DAMNED WELL THE MATERIAL!!!!! I know the conduction route of the heart damn it! But I have to sacrifice with a score of 96%. Shit! Balls!

I don’t mind getting 96% is I fail because I made a stupid error or I failed in my mastery of the subject matter. But not because someone constructs an unclear question! I have a couple of grades that are not 100’s. I think I even have a 92 somewhere…


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