R.A. Lafferty Volume Three Posted on Amazon!


I randomly go on and check Lafferty’s book status for prices and appearing rarities. But THIS was here when I just checked. Note the price of $100. Screw those guys, go through the publisher, Centipede Press. It is not available for order yet from them but it should be soon. They charge about $30 less for the book than Amazon and especially stupid B&N.

Amazon also says it ships in May, but its publisher says late December. Doesn’t really matter to me either way since I’m stuck in this school thing. I haven’t even cracked the spine of either copy of the last installment! Yeah, I’m sitting on extra copies.

I also check for Lafferty because the agency Jabberwocky got ahold of his stuff last year and are apparently sitting on it until I pass on. I suggest everyone get on their ass. Sell that material agents! I WANT THOSE BOOKS!!!!


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