Oh My God! Oh My God! Fan boy Pees Self and Faints

Final Star Wars trailer released last night. During Monday night football at work at the bar. People were saying, “Is that Han Solo?” “Yes, it’s fucking Han Solo! Where have you been?”

This trailer as well as the poster last night, showed no trace of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker. This should be a sign, if the movie-makers are not total drooling retards, that Skywalker’s entrance into the movie is going to be a huge freaking payoff as millions of men my age lose their shit as their childhood hero appears on the screen.

God, I hope they do these movies well! We can all put the trauma of the prequels behind us. The original trilogy will become films 1 – 3, the new ones will be 4 – 6. We’ll probably have to live with Lucas’ messing around with the originals. I am willing to bet part of his deal with selling to Disney was they do not get the original cuts. Although if Disney does have the original cuts they could make a literal pile (very big pile) of money rereleasing them. This time I want greed to win! Go for the money, Disney! Release the original theatrical releases! Without a doubt it would be the biggest selling thing – ever. I’d buy two copies and put it on as much media as I could so no one would take it away again!

Downside. At the end of the trailer it says “Tickets now on sale.” NOW!?!? It’s two damned months away! You know no one who hasn’t already bought a ticket is seeing it on the first day. Or the second. Couple left for the third day… going, going.


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