Strongest Storm EVER


The local news (KIRO Channel 7) is labeling hurricane Patricia as the strongest storm EVER.

Yes, you heard correct – EVER. Not ever recorded (and even that I’d doubt) no, the strongest EVER.

How would they know this? How would they know there wasn’t a stronger one in 345BC or 23AD? Or 89 million years ago?


They do not know this. Either they are sloppy (and the news is very sloppy nowadays) or there is a scare monger purpose to it. Most people have been force-fed the ooga-booga of human-caused climate change and if you call this the strongest storm ever and just leave it at that, you can nudge the mind-seeds that have been planted for you long ago.

“We gotta do something about blah, blah, blah! Cuz, big storm last year, biggest ever, for reals!”

Also, in case anyone is lazy with their concepts, “climate-change” is the biggest bullshit word there is. It is a non-concept. Climate has always been changing for billions of years. Is there such a thing as a climate-nonchange? Perhaps our modern educational system has been around long enough now that people can’t think through this little piece of mental cud.

They simply can’t predict anything. Up or down? They don’t know. But climate change, that’ll get pesky little man. Can’t escape from that blanket term! Hard to escape from a qualifier that is the root concept’s essential characteristics!


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