The Strangely Evolving Library


The above is not a picture of my library. Mine is spread out to every corner of my house, with the main concentration in the office/jam room (and even that is spread out) and includes an equally extensive digital library. I’ve been trying to split the difference between hardcopy and digital because when all you do is read, moving becomes a real bitch.

My library looks nothing like it did 5 years ago. Gone are all the Ayn Rand books. And most of the books on economics and government. I don’t pursue arguing those subjects any longer. And the two subjects are like geometry, once you know them, you know them and they ain’t going to change.

And in came C.S. Lewis and my quite extensive Catholic collection. Have I ever bragged how big that collection is? It is over three hundred volumes at least. It might be over four hundred. Not to forget my growing Bible collection. I like me some good Bibles. However my collection of that will be very little Catholic in the end. The poor souls don’t have a good rendering. They have translated it into the flatness of modernity.

I’m looking for a good leather copy of the King James version with apocrypha. I think I might get the 1611 edition – go real old school.

And of course during the last five years I started another collection as I discovered my favorite author R.A. Lafferty. I never really had a favorite author before that (maybe Stephen King as a kid). Rand never really counted as she was dead and her fiction output was quite small. And she had that mid-20th century lack of color and word play that you find in such authors as Steinbeck or Hemingway or Sinclair. That bare-bones matter of fact Americana.

Lafferty didn’t push anyone out, but he certainly added color to that shelf!

And now I’m noticing, because I’m in school that the shelves are evolving again. Anytime I’ve been in school (and I have been in one form or another off and on forever) I have never stuck with only the material provided in the class. It is like only getting your news from FOX if you’re conservative or MSNBC if you’re liberal although much more innocent.

My course only consists of two medical books for: Medical Terminology, Pathophysiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology. The books they sent although I’m sure are good enough to cut the mustard, just leave more questions than they do answers. So, from those two books I’ve added Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary, McGraw Human Anatomy 3rd edition, and Human Anatomy and Physiology. That’s an additional four thousand pages, mate! I think I’ll have to update my DSM as it is the 4th edition and they are up to 5.

The two Anatomy books may sound like a redundancy, but remember what I told about news sources. The principle works just as well with cut and dry presentation of facts.

I just wish I found medical stuff more interesting. It is not a subject that gets me excited. It is interesting as most things that are not sports are, but it is not philosophy nor theology, son.


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