The Double Standard

Over at Mr. John Scalzi’s he has the following post. I had made a long commentary on that post yesterday that I subsequently took down because it was too sprawling and I undercut myself with too many jokes.

A secondary thing to note is the usual liberal leaping to the defense of Muslims who are not terrorists and bitterly attacking the supposed hordes of drooling American dolts who are attacking them. But unlike Muslims, not killing them – just hurting their feelings. And then the usual comparisons to Christianity that are completely bogus. Sorry, I’d take Westboro church goons protesting outside my door to my dying day rather than one militant. Why? Because I’d still be breathing!

Most Christians disregard Westboro as not really Christian. The liberal does not buy this as is evidenced by the fact that he continually uses it. But we are supposed to buy it in regards to Muslims even though a quick Google search will tell anyone that the terrorists don’t seem to be acting outside the guidelines of their religion. Just type in “violent passages in Koran”. One could just as easily do the same thing for the Bible, but unlike the Koran are tied to specific events and time while the Koran’s are open-ended exhortations. And very persistent, repetitive exhortations at that.

“Oh, the terrorists aren’t really Muslim!”

Sometimes they point to the fact of killing. Yes, it is wrong for a Muslim to kill… another Muslim. And on the point, the defenders are right, they are disqualified from the category of being a Muslim. But when they kill you, dear Christian, dear atheist, dear progressive, dear Buddhist, they are Muslim, as pure as any as has ever walked the Earth.

OTOH, it is said that the Koran cannot be understood outside the Arabic language, so consistency would tell them that both sides don’t know what they’re talking about. Except that the liberal side is their defense shield.

I also note that Scalzi performs a radical simplification and characterizes the Hutu/Tutsi conflict as merely a religious one with the Christians slaughtering the Muslims. Gross, Mr. Scalzi, gross. One wonders if he merely performed a quick internet search and didn’t know about this conflict until he dug it up that night to conjure a response.

But the biggest gripe I have is this. 

The key phrase in the twit (is that the right word? I don’t use twitter)  is:

Anti-Muslim bigots are their [ISIS] greatest gift.

This is the underlying premise that really irks me. Being anti-Muslim makes you a bigot. Why does the same not hold true for being anti-Christian? It is practically a badge of honor in some circles. If you do not know about anti-Christian views, go stick your head out the door once in a while.

They are performing a switch of truth, where the falsehood is the truth and the truth is the falsehood. You can walk all over the land and say whatever outlandish thing you want to say about Christians and Christianity. People do it all the time, I hear it all the time. Islam? You have to be picky about that. It can get you killed. Even moderate criticism can get you hysterical responses of BIGOT! HATER! You’re the real killer! If you weren’t hurting their fluffy little feelings, they wouldn’t be killing us!

Which, btw, is the unstated push of Scalzi’s whole post and comment section.

You are anti-Christian – you are a progressive, a freethinker, brave, individualistic, on the right side of history.

You are anti-Muslim (or even just a little bit critical) BIGOT!

I recognize the double standard. And I want to name my allegiance. I am on the side of the Christians although I am not of their family.




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