Ancillary Sword

Ag, I can’t seem to get through the second book in Leckie’s Ancillary series! The first one was good, solid. I didn’t even mind the whole gender thing because she had story to back it up.

The second book, however. Oy. I only have 100 pages to go. But the whole thing has been people standing around basically talking etiquette, feelings, and tea. Jesus, what happened? Oh, and then there is this person, who you can’t be sure the sex of, that wants to sleep with this person, who you can’t be sure the sex of, but is treating this other person, who you can’t be sure the sex of, badly.

Suddenly I don’t know if I’m reading a very dull lesbian space fantasy where no one actually sleeps with each other but talks mores and stuff?

There is supposed to be a galactic war on, sinister alien sabotage or conspiracy, etc, etc. All this super-cool stuff that was built-up in the first book – and right now I witness to some subordinate to the fleet-captain talk to a horticulturist about her feelings.

Has anyone read this series to the end? Does it ever get out of Jane Austin goes to Space and Bores Me?


3 thoughts on “Ancillary Sword

  1. I quite liked ANCILLARY JUSTICE but found SWORD a big step down — I think it’s because there’s so much less discovery of a new universe aspect. (I did like the Presger translator). There’s an action scene at the climax marred by a scientific error.

    I haven’t bothered to look up MERCY though I expect I’ll get around to it eventually.

    1. I am unlikely to catch the scientific error as my scientific knowledge is quite rudimentary.

      However, on the strength of the first Ancillary book, I had bought the remaining two. I will let you know if it is worth, imho, reading the final installment.

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