And Then a Bomb Went Off…

Also a recommendation at the bottom…

I was lamenting the utter lack of anything real happening in the second book of Ann Leckie’s Ancillary series yesterday – look below ya, son. Reading this morning of two characters sitting on a bench discussing something (very Star Wars prequel-like) while another person left a steam room a little way away from them. One of the characters that was seated proceeds to approach the steam room (I think it was a steam room) when a bomb goes off…

Now in real life that is never good news. In a novel that has seen almost no action in some 260 pages? Hurray! Science fiction isn’t some boring French lit where people sit at bus stops pondering the meaningless of an existence that they’ve demanded have no meaning. No, this is science fiction, boys and girls. No, it doesn’t have to be pulp with nothing but endless action and damsels being pulled from danger. But it has to have action. You gotta move it along. Unless you are going very deep, philosophically into some dense metaphysics or something, I’d say there better be some action at least every 40 pages.

There are tons of “literature” out there, garbage dump proportions where nothing ever happens and people discuss their feelings or impressions. My wife attempts to read these things every once in a while, usually on the recommendation of a friend, and usually never makes it past the first hundred pages. I would think it is just as much a factor that the sense of life in those works are absolutely abysmal as well as the fact that nothing happens.

A bomb went off. Hopefully that will keep them from standing around in endless discussion for a while.


Centipede Press is a small publisher in Colorado that is publishing all of R.A. Lafferty’s short material (sorry, boys, no news on the long works. But, I swear to God I will read the Elliptical Grave before I step into mine!).

They tend mainly to horror, the quirky, and Weird (weird as genre). The link above is to their Authors page. If you are into science fiction, fantasy or horror, you will recognize more than just a few names on their roster. They even have Salvador Dali!

One writer I’ve wanted to check out for a time is Anne Herbert (she also has to be the cutest damned thing to ever pick up a pen…) . Her book, Children of the Black Sabbath, is said to be one of the best horror novels ever written (and not just by Centipede!).

She is said to have a very unique voice. That is a rare treasure in James Patterson’s ALL BOOKS SHOULD BE WRITTEN TO SELL 45 TRILLION COPIES era.

As a lover of horror, she had me at the title. There is William Hope Hodgson, author of the The Night Land which inspired one of my science fiction favs, John C. Wright, to pen Awake in the Night Land.

C.L. Moore, one of the first female writers of science fiction. The list goes on and on.

A lot of these author’s works you can find at the book store cheaper (Lafferty is one of the exceptions, it’s Centipede or rummaging through a slew of old books and magazines). But these are special books. You can go get a copy of Tim Power’s The Anubis Gates anywhere, but you won’t find an super cool copy like Centipede’s. Who wouldn’t want Theodore Sturgeon’s Some of Your Blood?

What about Gene Wolfe’s mega-masterpiece Book of the New Sun series? Don’t try it, they’re sold out – hopefully just for now. Talk about an infinitely re-readable book. Talk about a man that can hide the beams. They’ve got the work Bob Eggleton – great art work.

They have one of my top favorite science fiction writers, Fredric Brown. What they have here is his lesser known (if you’re a science fiction fan, if you’re a mystery fan, his science fiction is probably less know to you) mystery works.

Anyway, if you like your literature a little to the left, and maybe down a ways to that creepy little shop whose only entrance is at the end of a dark alley, Centipede press has got you covered, perhaps in sores, on that note.


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