It’s All New From Here

Happy New Year!

I’m a little late but I spent the weekend getting somewhat used to my new sleep schedule. I am no longer among the night-walkers, I am now a day-walker. The last ten years my wake up time has been usually around 3pm. Now it is 5am.

I had my last day at work at a place I spent the last 18 years working (minus a short hiatus in the early 2000’s). My job was bartender at a popular sports bar. I had such a great send-off from everyone I knew I was blown away. I thought I was going to see a few of my regulars and go home. I even had a customer read me a two page poem.

It would have been easier the other way.

I’m not used to empty buckets or endings.

I’m used to too many and too full buckets and praying for the end.

Anyway, I’m about to start the final push in my school program in a bit.

Onward, right?


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