R.A. Lafferty Republished!

But only in the freaking UK. Amazon US just better be a little behind or getting a slightly delayed release. I will be completely pissed if he is only republished in the UK. See, he is being republished digitally but apparently not in hardcopy. Which I understand, he is a very niche writer. For a genre that is probably 98% media tie-ins and George RR Martin, Lafferty is beyond most science fiction fans reach and/or patience. If you are reading the novelization of The Force Awakens, Lafferty is something you will NOT be interested in.

However, if you like Gene Wolfe’s earlier work you will probably like Lafferty… or at least be able to read him.

But even on the Amazon UK site I have all but two of the new digital releases in hardcopy. I assume they will be releasing the rest of his work in due course.

They better be releasing this stuff beyond the UK, and they better be releasing the rest of his stuff as well.

Mood: Tentatively excited, prepared to be pissed…


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