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Prepare Yourself for… Boredom!

As I come into the home stretch for my medical coding certification. What to write about when I wake up, study, read fiction, go to bed and do it all over again?

I did go to a fiddle concert at the Kent arts center at some high school. That was pretty cool. It had some Appalachian and Scottish fiddle and even some Finnish and Swedish fiddle. I like all kinds of music and that was outside my norm.

It is always good to go outside your norm. I don’t mean going to a gang-bang orgy because you and the Mrs. are good missionary people. Don’t rock the boat that doesn’t need rocked! But in limits it is always good to stretch your tastes. Likewise if one likes painting, it is good to expose one’s self to a lot of different schools and learn to appreciate different styles. It doesn’t mean you have to experience a performance “art” piece where some angry lesbian chick smears her menstruation blood on a urine soaked canvas.

I don’t know if that latter example is real, but there are equivalents out there.

Reading Gene Wolfe’s A Borrowed Man at the moment. I don’t know if I am missing a meta-theme or not, but it is still good Wolfe. I have so much reading material lined up since I am on a writing hiatus (was I ever on a writing run? that is a pertinent question) until I am transitioned in career.

And that I hope to have done by June. I hope.

So as I reported a while back, I joined Facebook to keep in touch with people after I left work. And then proceeded to block about 90% of the people who I “friended”. I will unblock them after election time in November, and some of them after their commentary. But a lot of people think they are campaigning for Bernie Sanders. I don’t care about your political opinions. Show me cool shit and pictures of your children or pets. I didn’t solicit your opinion of politics before I went on Facebook and my joining it was not because of a need of political opinion from unqualified people.

Time to cook for the family.




I love the idea of this app FLOWSTATE:

The idea is this. You set the time, choose your font, and then you write. The catch is if you stop writing, you lose all the work from the start of your session to the time you stopped. I would assume that it gives you some time for some sort of pause. If it were only three seconds, I would cry folly. Perhaps ten seconds would be cool or five. Five is cutting it. What if you have to scratch your ass? Or you have a cold and have to blow your nose?

I think I might get this app. There are a lot of distraction free apps out there but they all have a single problem, they can’t thwart my free will. No app has ever put anything on the line – at the line. Yes, if you simply get distracted and don’t write, well then you haven’t lost anything in the present, only the future. A “what if” flitters away, as an angel, unseen and unrecognized.

This app is more bold. It says “Listen, bitch. You agreed to 30 minutes of writing. If you want to snake out of it after fifteen minutes because you absolutely have to check your twitter account, we are throwing away your work. Gone! What a waste of fifteen minutes for you. You may as well have just gone straight to Twitter and not fooled yourself that you were a writer! REPENT!”

You know what my thought was when I had read that St. Thomas More disciplined himself with a hair shirt? I wanted a hair shirt.

Unfortunately I have come to the realization over the last year that I am one of those “victims” of the modern “information” age. Especially when I recently took my schtick to FaceBook where I parade as occasional mountebank with no show. It is really, really strange. Why do I care if someone responded to a comment I made or some picture I posted? I can understand if I were posting it for my wife or my parents, but it is just naked curiosity.

Point of fact: I discovered FLOWSTATE because I sat down for a two hour study session for class (an hour ago) and ended up on Scrivener’s forum and found my way to a discussion of this program, and then I found myself here telling I don’t know how few people. I know my wife and parents never come here!

I think I am going to buy this. I haven’t written squat, not a peep, in thirteen months. A lot of that is simply because of all the waste of time involved. If I could just set thirty minutes everyday and write non-stop. Well, that’s more than some published authors get done. It’s a real thirty minutes.

And it’s Write or Bust.

A Little Catch Up

Still slowly drilling away at school. Somewhere between the last time I was officially in school (98-99 for electrical engineering) and now I have grown dumber, or, more dumberer…er. Eh? I literally [edit: I hate this use of the word literally, but I already hit the send button, so it will have to stay] kicked the shit out of the material in electronics. Perhaps it is not age, perhaps it is the material.

The electronics had immediate application. This, what I am taking now, is over a year, so far, of memorization of mountains and mountains of terms. And I have seemed to have lost my knack for concentration and study.

But, enough of that.

Looking forward to this – IF  I can manage to get to it. It is a little ways away. Correction, a long way away.

Laffcon Header image

Went to The Book of Mormon last month. It was freaking hilarious. The Spooky Mormon Hell Dream song was the tops for me. When, in the middle of the song one of the Mormons tossed Satan the electric guitar and he started jamming out an 80’s style solo, I almost messed me shorts. Turn it Off (a happy Mormon song about turning off and saying no to your gay thoughts) was also worth the price of admission.


I also got to see my favorite rock band of all time one more time (and I’m pretty sure with the singer a little over a year away from 70, it is the last time). Age means almost nothing when seeing them, they shredded us. Age meant something to me though. I got so into it I headbanged a tad which I haven’t done since the 80’s. A week later, I can still feel it in my neck and shoulders.


It was a great time.

Song of Kali, the Dan Simmons horror book, was great. I really enjoyed it, and recommend it. Right now I am on a few different books. I had planned to start Lafferty’s Arrive at Easterwine, but saw Larry Niven’s Ringworld still sitting on my shelf. I decided I was really stretching it calling myself a science fiction fan but never reading it. I am now, its a little weird.

Being in school and working the last had really sapped my reading time. Now that I am just doing school I can get to some of that reading that has been piling up. I finally finished the first Lafferty short story collection from Centipede. Yes, the first. I still have all of the second and my copy of the third may be here even this day! I was going to read Lafferty very slow so I didn’t get to the end and have no more left, since the man has passed on. But as soon as I am done with school and back on a solid work schedule, I am going to rage through his work. The material invites many a reading.

I’m still keeping the China Mieville on the back burner. I have a feeling if I don’t meet this guy in the right mood, the relationship will be short, but it could be good so I shall wait until it pulls me to the shelf, not the other way around.