Prepare Yourself for… Boredom!

As I come into the home stretch for my medical coding certification. What to write about when I wake up, study, read fiction, go to bed and do it all over again?

I did go to a fiddle concert at the Kent arts center at some high school. That was pretty cool. It had some Appalachian and Scottish fiddle and even some Finnish and Swedish fiddle. I like all kinds of music and that was outside my norm.

It is always good to go outside your norm. I don’t mean going to a gang-bang orgy because you and the Mrs. are good missionary people. Don’t rock the boat that doesn’t need rocked! But in limits it is always good to stretch your tastes. Likewise if one likes painting, it is good to expose one’s self to a lot of different schools and learn to appreciate different styles. It doesn’t mean you have to experience a performance “art” piece where some angry lesbian chick smears her menstruation blood on a urine soaked canvas.

I don’t know if that latter example is real, but there are equivalents out there.

Reading Gene Wolfe’s A Borrowed Man at the moment. I don’t know if I am missing a meta-theme or not, but it is still good Wolfe. I have so much reading material lined up since I am on a writing hiatus (was I ever on a writing run? that is a pertinent question) until I am transitioned in career.

And that I hope to have done by June. I hope.

So as I reported a while back, I joined Facebook to keep in touch with people after I left work. And then proceeded to block about 90% of the people who I “friended”. I will unblock them after election time in November, and some of them after their commentary. But a lot of people think they are campaigning for Bernie Sanders. I don’t care about your political opinions. Show me cool shit and pictures of your children or pets. I didn’t solicit your opinion of politics before I went on Facebook and my joining it was not because of a need of political opinion from unqualified people.

Time to cook for the family.


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