Millennials: The Terminal Generation and Whining About Code Books

I saw two news articles that made me – almost – wish I could kick the bucket before the millennial generation or – God forbid – their children are in charge during my declining years.

One was that cereal is quite unpopular with millennials. Why? Because it is too much WORK. Yep, ya gotta wash a bowl. The other was Seattle (that bastion of San Fransisco wannabes) unskilled workers (baristas, food service, etc) demand to the city council that they force their employers to give them more stable work schedules.

Grow some balls, kids. When I think of all the screwed up last minute schedules I did in the food service industry without ever thinking there was something wrong with it, I say screw you, suck it up. You want a stable schedule? Go to school like I didn’t. Otherwise shut up and enjoy those low wages.

Got my code books in yesterday for medical coding. Uh – that’s about 3000 pages and that doesn’t even include all the coding books I am going to get.

My job, when I get it better pay decent!


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