And then I Just Wept

So I have been on this medical coding school rollercoaster for a little over a year now. It has been 100% reading – ALL OF IT. Thousands and thousands of pages of reading and not a single solitary jolt of practical application anywhere. Hundreds of pages of government documents and coding guidelines, anatomy, on and on.

And today the subject was Computer Assisted Coding, and I came across these words:

There are two types of CAC. The first is natural language processing (NLP) and the second is structured data input (or structured text input). Each of these will be described, and then an activity will be presented to provide more detailed information about CAC.

An ACTIVITY?!??! God, YES! Left me get my hands on something, let’s open up a practice coder and practice something. LET ME OUT OF THE HOUSE, MOTHER!!!!

I get to the bottom of the page, and I just sink. It’s another link to AHIMA! Ten more pages of talking about stuff in the abstract.

Locate and read the AHIMA Practice Brief:  Automated Coding Workflow and CAC Practice Guidance and answer the questions in the activity.

This is not an activity. This is more abstract reading that I will never remember because all we do for this training is read endless pages of government rules, guidelines and regulations.

This would be like taking 4 years of electronics before they let you touch a soldering iron or put together a single beginner’s series circuit. Don’t forget Ohm’s Law, children!

Why do I have to read ten pages about computer aided coding? It is not telling me about any specific computer program, nothing I can touch. Just tell me in a few paragraphs and be done with it.

Once I am done and working in the field, that will be it for me learning anything ever again. It has killed all curiosity as for as formal instruction is concerned. I will never be in school again. EVER.


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