Write or Die


A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Flowstate app that made your writing disappear if you stopped before your designated was up. I happened upon a better (or at least it looks to be, I’ve tried neither as of yet) one today. This one has incentives and such. I don’t think the incentives would be all that great. One of them is pictures of cats and such that would pop up for achievements. Hey, if finishing an actual story and perhaps getting published as icing on the cake isn’t going to get you there, I don’t think kitty pictures will either. I think the stick is better than any carrot in this regard.

The only reward I can think of outside the actual accomplishment is like the author from Stephen King’s Misery. Get that novel done, you got your hotel room, that bottle of whatever, and a single cigarette. The only problem is – one cigarette? If I could have done that, there would have never been a reason to quit!

Anyway, in a couple of months I should be done with school. I am going to work this app into the ground. That and Scrivener.


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