One Hundred and Five Days

I have 105 days left to my school time. That is 105 days to finish up the curriculum before the class (it’s online) expires. I could buy an extension, but I’ve already done that and it expires in 105 days. And I’ve been unemployed since December 30th. Bills start to pile up and such. Actually not yet, but you don’t want them to…

I have 21 chapters left in ICD 10 coding, two blocks of CPT/HCPCS coding, a block of advanced ICD-10 coding, which is case studies. Then the mammoth coding practicum module where you take everything you’ve learned to do longhand and do it with an encoder. Think learning to do arithmetic or algebra by hand with your head and fingers before you learn a calculator.

Yes! They used to teach it that way! I hope they still do.

And then there is the Final which includes stuff I slammed through 15 months ago.

Needless to say (and its not like I’ve really been here anyway) the next 105 days will be a giant rush. I am learning right now that some medical background would really help in this field. I am breaking me walnuts on my head with surgical approaches. I thought a wedge biopsy was a percutaneous procedure. Apparently that is a needle procedure, a wedge biopsy is an open approach.

The diagnostic part of ICD-10 is pretty straightforward, the PCS, the procedure part is going to prove a challenge. It is only the purely medical/surgical part of it that is proving to be a little of a challenge.

Anyway, I’ll probably not be around for the next couple of months.




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