The Scar and the Next Read


To those who are new here, I have a policy when doing a book review. I talk about my impressions from the book, but I do not mention any details. My reviews (if they can even be called such) are 100% spoiler free because I talk in generalities.

The Scar was great. Mieville is an excellent writer. The Scar: think Melville meets Lovecraft meets a dash of RR Martin’s Fevre Dream. Mieville has one of the most polished styles I’ve read in a while. I’ve heard people say he is too wordy with his descriptions. I think he does it just about right.

I disliked his handling of sex (of what there was) but it did fit the despair of the novel quite well. Except for the use of “f***” for intercourse. Every time he used it, I was jolted back to now and out of the story.

No heroes in this story, no one to look up to. There was a sort of honor among thieves morality going on – a pirate code as it were. I am not sure if Mieville is the sort that writes heroes or understands what one is. But his skills as a writer means I give him pass. After all, Dostoyevsky never had any either. The closest I can think of is Alyosha from The Brothers Karamazov, but he was hardly Errol Flynn!

Anyway, The Scar is probably the best book I’ve read in years. I will be reading the rest of his catalog.

Currently on the reading docket. 

Bearing False Witness_0

I’m only on the first chapter but it is good so far. That means I got myself trapped in three books at the moment besides the 7 I’m on for my school work. The one above, Merton’s The Seven Storey Mountain and Sheen’s The Life of Christ. I’m immersed in medicine and theology!

Ah, am I a boring snoot. I can’t wait to be writing again.



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