The Forever Goal

I am still… yes, still plugging away at this medical coding thing. I finally finished that wretched ICD 10 training. And am now entirely not enjoying CPT coding. I was at first because if you need to look up a procedure, you look it up by its actual name. You do not have to interpret it into a bunch of words as you would for ICD PCS. For a reconstruction of the ulnar nerve you look up Ulnar Nerve – Reconstruction. Pretty easy. I’m not going to give the procedure for ICD PCS because it is ridiculous and I don’t feel like going through it. But, in short, you will not find that procedure by that name (along with 99% of all other procedures) in ICD PCS. You can construct a code for it, but you’ll probably get it wrong if you haven’t performed or assisted in the surgery before.

Then in CPT, after a short happiness, I came upon E/M (evaluation and management) coding. What a freaking subjective and confusing mess. I even managed to get a 64% on a review. My first sub-90 score. Screw the 80’s & 70’s, I’m going all the way to the 60’s!

Now I have to go back about a week and start it all over.

I’m hoping to get done by my new December goal. That will make it two years.

I could have gone to actual school for something interesting.

Ah, I remember when I used to be into interesting things.


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