I’m like a Cat!

R.A. Lafferty

And I’m gonna pounce! Meorrw! Raaarrreee! On the Lafferty collection on auction that is. I have my timer set to swoop in at just the right time. The bidding at this point is real low for the market value of these works as a whole. The only regret of the collection is that it does not contain More Than Melchisedech, thus leaving the Devil is Dead collection incomplete. Although I don’t think it exists out there as a whole yet anyway. Sort of like his Coscuin Chronicles. And More than Melchisedech can sell for $200 – $400.

Also missing is the IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND Elliptical Grave. A few others are missing as well; like Arrive at Easterwine, but I have most of those already. I have 20 of his books with some overlap per the Centipede collections. What I don’t have is any of the $200 and up titles, rarities, and a lot of the really small stuff like the Drumm series. Although I did snatch Horns on Their Heads a few years back. Sometimes bookstores have no idea what is on their shelves.

Ah, I see it is now under an hour now. Watch out, little ones, the cat creeps silently closer to its prey… one big paw at a time. Watch out! I’m comin to getcha!

I’m really assuming the obscurity of my blog in posting this. With an average of 3 – 5 hits a day, I’m thinking I’m safe.


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