Lafferty Collection

I did a major upgrade to my R.A. Lafferty collection last week. And, unfortunately, probably the last for awhile. Now I have to get a job! I have nearly everything that is currently out there to be had.


I’ve known for some time that Lafferty, later in his career, languished in the smallest of the small presses. But upon getting some of the smaller small press works it made me a little angry that he had to suffer that fate. I do not really know how he saw it. But the way I look at it is I see the mountains of shit that makes up “literature” and science fiction and he is relegated to obscurity because it was not what everyone else is writing.

That is one way I look at it at least.

Ah, yes, it is easy to uphold a neglected genius and to throw my feces at James Patterson. But throw I shall. MAD MONKEY ME! MAKE BOOM BOOM! One could say that it easily butters the soft side of one’s ego, but being a Lafferty fan is hard work. If ease of comprehension is a virtue, Lafferty was a most wicked man. And maybe he was in the good way some wicked people are.

I just wanted to drop a tear when I saw some of his later work look like it was typewritten and stapled in someone’s garage. That is no loggerhead to the fine gentlemen that likely made nothing publishing him when no one else would. I read in one of the introductions to one of my new acquisitions (I think it was Michael Swanwick in Iron Tears) that the big houses wouldn’t publish him in the end because there was no money in it.

It is contemplating such stark realities that makes me wonder whether all our freedom isn’t a road to hell. There’s no money in it. I used to study economics – I agree with what used to be called the Austrian School. There are laws of economics as unflappable and sure as any in the halls of physics. And don’t let your local palm greasers sell you any other brand of soap. I get it. But for Random House (or fill in your big man) to let one of our most gifted authors just whither into obscurity because “there’s no money in it.”

Who did it? That is the question that sets the wrench free. People have pointed to the capitalists before (for I am not near the first person to pose the question) that they cater to an ever lowering bar. I don’t believe such answers are holistic enough.

All sufficient answers are wholly holistic. Or, as Hegel (who I dated in an earlier incarnation of myself, btw) said:

The true is the Whole.

Just as long as we understand that is probably the only true thing Hegel ever said!

Maybe we really are in the Day After the World Ended as Lafferty said. Although he said that in 1979, so it’s now several days after the world ended. If you’re not familiar with the concept (and why would most of you be, it is an obscure concept) I will be covering it at some future date. I agree quite a lot with his position that the world ended sometime in the 20th century. I also love the idea like an adopted child because it is an idea (or a finding) that I had not the slightest inkling of before he told it to me. Usually I have to go to the Bible for such things.

. 13690604_264792527234957_1676138661660600590_n

Holy crap, it is past midnight! I never stay up this late anymore.

One more pic!



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